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Subscription Pendants and Orgones

Indigo resin pendants set with opals and holographic glitter, created by Kerry and programmed with a direct connection to the e-Lybra, allowing access to unlimited bioresonance formulae as needed and selected by your higher self. This connection is subscription based as it relies on monthly updates including all new formulae and boosting the program.

The pendants themselves are available for an initial fee of £50, with continuation after the first month requiring an order for the £20 monthly subscription option.

UK - Free shipping on all orders over £100!


Worldwide - Pay shipping for the largest item on your order only! - There is no additional shipping cost for multiple items!

Please note - Import duty is now payable on all orders shipping into the EU. The rate of duty is determined by your country and collected at customs. This is beyond our control - Please check the import duty payable on paintings, clothing etc (As applicable to your order) for your country before ordering.


If your experience is that the effects of this program are overpowering, take it easy as you may be detoxifying which could cause headaches and fatigue. Use the pendant sparingly until you feel able to wear it more often, or just keep it in a room where you are some distance away to experience a milder effect. Simply taking it off and putting it outside of your energy field, e.g. in a drawer, will stop you from receiving the program.

The copyright of each piece remains the property of Ascension Art and is not transferred with title of the original piece. Reproduction of works is not authorized without prior consent, or through purchase of reproduction rights or full copyright, which will be made available at the sole discretion of and at a price determined by Ascension Art.

Thanks for subscribing!

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