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Connection to e-Lybra Pendant

Connection to e-Lybra Pendant


25ct Ethiopian high flash precious Welo opals set into resin pendants which are indigo in colour, with holographic glitter highlights. Each pendant is hand painted with Culture Hustle's "Goldest Gold" metallic acrylic paint and gloss varnished for protection. Orgones and entity design pendants are teal in colour, but also contain the Welo opals and holographic glitter and are also decorated with Goldest Gold paint and varnished.


Each pendant or orgone is unique. Pendants are suspended on a sturdy 20 inch black chain. Pendants and orgones come pre-programmed with the Connection to e-Lybra formula, but a subscription is required to maintain this. If the subscription is not ordered along with the pendant or orgone, your order will be cancelled and refunded.


This formula is unique in that it forms a direct connection to the e-Lybra, allowing you to access any of the programs as needed and selected by your higher self. Any of the formulas described in the "Stickers & Tags" section of the website along with a whole host not yet listed can be accessed, and as new formulas are developed, the program will update to include these. Once a month, the e-Lybra will send out a reinforcing "Boost" of the program for as long as the subscription is in place.


Should you choose to cancel your subscription at any time, the Connection to e-Lybra formula will be cleared, but you can of course keep the pendant or orgone as decorative items, and opals are believed to have intrinsic properties that enhance cosmic consciousness, boost creativity, help you speak your truth, strengthen law of attraction, give clarity to experiences, promote balance, identify your true desires and lead you on a path to abundance and awareness.


Subscription includes access to an exclusive Facebook group where you will receive updates on monthly sessions that will be sent remotely to your pendant. Join us for meditations and share you experiences with the program.


Please note, there is no additional shipping cost if you order multiple lotuses, buddies, pendants or 10x10cm paintings! Non-UK shoppers, note the options for expedited or economy shipping.

Thanks for subscribing!

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