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Channelled Artwork

Many artists begin with a clear idea of their subject matter, whether a still life, a landscape or a portrait. The subject of channelled art flows through the artist without their intentional intervention, so the final image is created by the channelled entity - Whether spirit, extra-terrestrial, angelic or the artist's own higher self.

Each of Kerry's paintings is strengthened by the specific formula with which its crystals are programmed, accentuating the energy of the piece.

Kerry paints freely, allowing images to form under her hands, without focussing on the subject matter. What is created is determined by the intention of the entity communicating through her.


Capturing Emotions

Painting under a feeling of compulsion, Kerry's works allow transmission of concepts external to her that appear to need a release into a physical form.

The paintings express an intention, often evoking the same strong emotions in others that Kerry experiences as the painting takes shape.


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