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Kerry Mitchell

BA (Hons)

Spiritual Fine Artist and Qualified Bioresonance Practitioner


Artistic Journey

With a Batchellor's Degree in Fine Art and Art History, Kerry has always had a passion for imaginitive, detailed images, with an enduring theme of micro and macro scale systems and their similarities.

She has worked as an artist, a teacher of art and signwriting, and a touch drawing facilitator over the years, before her current venture bringing together the twin disciplines of art and spiritualism. 


Spiritual Journey

Kerry's interest in spirituality came about in 2010, following a highly accurate and thought provoking reading. This led on to regular readings with different psychic mediums, many of whom commented that Kerry had a gift of her own and should be reading for other people.


In 2016, Kerry experienced a spiritual awakening that she attributes largely to the benefits of Bioresonance, which she had recently begun using. She became vegan overnight and felt compelled to expand her spiritual knowledge and raise her vibration. She began to read tarot cards, and took the decision to invest in an eLybra Bioresonance device and qualify as a practitioner in 2019.

Her inspiration to begin her current venture of Bioresonance emitting artwork came suddenly and seemingly as a gift from spirit, and fills a previously unnoticed void in her life.

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