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Energy balancing and enhancing through quantum entanglement, clearing energetic blockages and interferences in your biofield.

The eLybra device was produced by World Development Systems.

Book a Bioresonance Session
If you're looking for a single formula to help with, for example, raising your vibration, enhancing your psychic abilities or improving your ability to manifest, then a painting or a pendant will likely be ideal for you. If your desired outcome is more specific to you, and you are seeking help with your spiritual journey, with addiction, emotions, a relationship, energy balancing and energetic blockage removal to help with healing, or a whole host of other challenges, then a bioresonence session, or a series of sessions, may be more beneficial to you.

If this is the case, and you are interested in learning more about this highly complex solution, please let us know in brief what you are hoping to achieve as your outcome and we will reply to confirm whether we are able to recommend a formula, and to advise you on how to proceed, should you decide that this solution is right for you. Pricing and availability of sessions is highly dependent on the specific outcome that you are seeking, but as a guide, balancing sessions are £25 for an overnight session and personalised formulae start at £15. All sessions are remote, instructions and a clear explanation of the options available to you and associated costs will be sent to you, with no obligation to proceed, as soon as we understand your circumstances and desired outcome.

Please email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and to give a more detailed explanation of our process.

Paintings with Programmed Crystals

Working with the eLybra, Kerry develops formulae for distance healing and spiritual progression, and more recently, programs crystals and for incorporation into her spiritual artwork.


A strong spiritual feeling is often experienced in the presence of these paintings, or even upon viewing them online, as the space around them is bathed in their energy.


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