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The Gift

The Gift

SKU: 200901

The Gift depicts the presence of unseen Earth Angels, tireless and unacknowledged in their quest to bring light and wisdom to us. Pulsing through the cosmos is the recently witnessed glitch of the Schumann resonance, prior to its sudden disappearance. This piece reveals further hidden events and signals upon closer inspection.


The original piece incorporates quartz crystals programmed with the two bioresonance formulae "Calm", which is intended to project feelings of peace and reassurance and to calm those in its presence, clearing energy blockages caused by stress and nervousness, and "Surrounded by Angels", created to call in as needed:


Archangel Azreal (creamy white ray of transition)

Archangel Chamuel (pink ray of love)

Archangel Gabriel (white ray of purity)

Archangel Jophiel (yellow ray of wisdom)

Archangel Kumeka (eighth ray of purification)

Archangel Michael (blue ray of protection)

Archangel Raphael (green ray of balance)

Archangel Uriel (purple and gold ray of wisdom)

Archangel Zadkiel (violet ray of transformation)

Defending Angels

Cleansing Angels

Guardian Angels


Prints are available with or without quartz crystals programmed to the formula of the original piece, added by the artist.


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