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Resin Coasters, Trinket Trays and Placemats

Resin Coasters, Trinket Trays and Placemats


Bioresonance programmed coasters, placemats and trinket trays.


Coasters: Programmed to help rid any liquid placed on it of any adverse energy, water memory and hidden nasties and replace it with pure, clean, detoxing energy. Also included is Dr Emoto's Water memory patterns for peace, love and purity, as well as patterns for Lourdes Holy Water and healing. Approximate size - 8.5cm


Single coasters and sets of 4 in coaster holder available.


Placemats: Green resin mat with holographic stars, glitter and Metatron's Cube design,  set in a dark rustic wooden surround. Programmed to send love, gratitude and positive energy to your food before consuming, as well as detoxifying and cleansing. Approximate size - 28cm


Trinket Tray: Programmed to boost and cleanse your crystals and jewellery as well as all your bioresonance products! Approximate size - 17.5x9cm


Style and colours vary as I make them.

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