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Programmed Braid / Dreadlock Crystals

Programmed Braid / Dreadlock Crystals


These wire wrapped bioresonance programmed crystals are designed for wearing in dreadlocks, braids, Viking beards and plaits. Also avaailable are these crystal beads with wide holes in amethyst, rose quartz and blue or green aventurine. Please select an image for details of the crystal type and program applied to the individual piece.


Options include crystals programmed with :


Love - exuding an all embracing feeling of love. Reinforces love of self and love of others and transmits a universal force of love that is all encompassing.


Surrounded by Angels - Calling in Archangels, Defending Angels, Cleansing Angels and Guardian Angels as needed


Starseed - For connection to starseed origins, intended to help those in its presence to understand their mission and life purpose, improving spiritual gifts and receptivity to light language.


Grounding - Intended to channel vital energy through the body via the meridian system, grounding those in its presence.


Lightworker - Designed to clear blocks in Lightworkers' past and present lives, such as having experienced persecution as witches, that prevent use of their gifts in this life as healers.


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