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SKU: 200705

The original piece that looks utterly different as the lighting changes (And is actually dark, in gold, copper and bronze on black under the sheen, as shown in the main image taken in the dark).


Prints are not in metallic paint, so are available in a choice of the redder version or bluer version of the images of the original piece - Please specify your preference when ordering.


The original incorporates quartz crystals with 4 bioresonance programs:


Awakening - Projecting energy to raise your vibration and allow a stronger psychic connection, boosting you forwards on your spiritual journey.


Starseed - Identify and connect to starseed origins. Intended to help those in its presence to understand their mission and life purpose, improving spiritual gifts and receptivity to light language. You may experience the start of a spiritual awakening when you spend time near this painting, feeling a growing openness to universal love and closeness to celestial beings, along with improved astral travelling abilities and clearing of astral body.


Universal Consciousness - Projecting energy through use of programmed quartz crystals to increase your awareness of and connection to all being and becoming - a universal link to all that is, was and will be.


Surrounded by Angels - Calling in as needed:

Archangel Azreal (creamy white ray of transition)

Archangel Chamuel (pink ray of love)

Archangel Gabriel (white ray of purity)

Archangel Jophiel (yellow ray of wisdom)

Archangel Kumeka (eighth ray of purification)

Archangel Michael (blue ray of protection)

Archangel Raphael (green ray of balance)

Archangel Uriel (purple and gold ray of wisdom)

Archangel Zadkiel (violet ray of transformation)

Defending Angels

Cleansing Angels

Guardian Angels


Prints are available with or without quartz crystals programmed to the formula of the original piece, added by the artist.


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