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Manifestation e-Pendant

Manifestation e-Pendant


Clearing limiting beliefs and energetic blockages, this pendant promotes resonation at the elevated level of vibration necessary to enable positive manifestation. 


In a meditive or centred state, determine what you to manifest; this may be an emotional, physical or financial goal, or any positive change that you would like to bring about. Write it down and retain it, and ensure that your goal has only positive motivations. Clear your mind of other thoughts, hold the pendant and read your written goal, evisage its fulfilment as you breathe in for 9 seconds, touch the black insert to activate the manifestation as you hold your breath for 9 seconds, then as you breathe out for 9 seconds, release both the thought and the pendant. This completes the activation of the manifestation.


Manifestation should never be attempted in a negative frame of mind - In daily life, manifestation occurs by focussing the mind on an outcome, and unwanted outcomes are commonly manifested through constant worry about the possibility of their occurance. The pendant is designed to clear blockages to outcomes and to energetically align them to your timeline; it can therefore affect only your journey, and not a third party's. The consequences of any manifestation should be carefully considered, to ensure that they are desired and will not overwhelm you, since once a manifestation is set in motion, it is not easily diverted.


Repeat the manifestation every few days, and if it is not forthcoming, consider whether it is right for you, whether you are ready for it, and whether there is other work that you need to complete before you are prepared for this jouney. Have patience, as the process may take several months to complete, and be sure to aviod seeking multiple manifestations simultaneously where these may have conflicting energy paths. If you are seeking multiple manifestations at the same time, ensure that these are entirely separated, and that you give complete focus to each thought in absolute isolation from all other thoughts. Clarity of mind is essential for the process to work.


Ground yourself after use and avoid driving or using machinery if dizziness or light headedness is experienced.

Can be wiped clean but not submerged in water as this will damage it.

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