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Magick Wands - Elemental Dragons

Magick Wands - Elemental Dragons


Tipped with Aura Quartz Points, these wands are made from dowling rods, so are straight with smooth, clean lines. Each is hand painted to metallic acrylics and bioresonance programmed with the following formulae:


Earth (Painted with tree root detailing, green tip) - Grounding, Life Purpose, Ancestors, Past Life Interferences, Root Chakra and Power.


Air (Sold before listing, so not shown!) - Astral Body Detox, Heart and Throat Chakra, Christ Consciousness, Manifestation and Power.


Fire (Smoke and flames detailing, red tip) - Transformation, Battle Energy Clearance, Energy Boost, Confidence, Love and Passion, Anger Management, Solar Plexus Chakra, Power and Masculine Energy.


Water (Sea and sand detailing, blue tip) - Intuition, Emotional Balance, Nightmares and Dreams, Clarity, Calm, Moon Energy, Feminine Energy, Sacral Chakra, Self Healing and Power.


Spirit (White swirling feathers detailing, purple tip) - All programs from the other wands combined.


Approximate length is 32cm, approximate width of handle is 1cm.

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