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Language of Light e-Pendant

Language of Light e-Pendant


Ultimately leading to the ability to understand and share telepathic communications transmitted as symbols and heiroglyphs, the Language of Light, this pendant will require work and patience. The pendant should be worn for an initial 3 day period, during which feelings of nausea and intense mental activity are likely for the first few hours. Over the following 1-3 days, the energetic matrix used to access the Language of Light will be downloaded, and progress to begin to integrate it and assimilate it into your energetic field can begin.


Vivid dreams  are likely as you progress, with faster integration occuring for those who have already worked to raise their vibration, and abilities starting to develop over the following 1 to 6 weeks; After the initial 3 day period, the pendant should be worn for one day per week for 6 weeks, or as intuitively directed.


Ground yourself after use and avoid driving or using machinery if dizziness or light headedness is experienced.

Can be wiped clean but not submerged in water as this will damage it.

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