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Language of Light

Language of Light

SKU: 200810

The original piece, Language of Light, is enhanced with quartz crystals programmed to help those in its presence to grow their ability to understand and telepathically communicate with light language and light codes.


All matter, all of us, our DNA, and indeed all atoms in the universe are comprised of energy formed into mass. True white light is comprised of energy at all frequencies, and light carries the true codes of creation.


DNA is activated through spiritual awakening to create the Light Body. As we reach higer levels of consciousness, vocabulary based languages become insufficient , and language is expanded to tones, hand gestures (Mudras), geometry and other forms. The language of light transmits meaning in a universally compatible form, as the mother of all languages, vocal or otherwise, in existance.


Prints are available with or without quartz crystals programmed to the formula of the original piece, added by the artist.

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