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Hanging Slate

Hanging Slate


A beautiful, ~8cm hanging slate disc, individually painted with a selection of designs, varnished for protection as these are delicate items, on ribbon or hessian loops with an amethyst bead programmed with bioresonance reflecting the design.


Whale images - Calm formula, projects feelings of peace and reassurance, calming those in its presence and clearing energy blockages caused by stress and nervousness.


Cho Ku Rei symbol, Om symbol, Eye of Horus symbol, all, 3rd eye formula, for pineal gland (Third eye) optimization and decalcification, to help with opening the third eye chakra and enabling clairvoyance and connection to source.


Scarab and Anch symbols, a connection to the powerful energy of the Egyptian pyramids, aiding lucid dreams, visions and astral travel to the energy source.


Each hanging slate is a little different, images are representative only as the artist will be making these to order!Please note, there is no additional shipping cost if you order multiple lotuses, buddies, hanging pieces, pendants or 10x10cm paintings!

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