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Hanging Hearts

Hanging Hearts


A beautiful ~10x10cm hanging wooden heart, individually painted with a selection of designs,  programmed with bioresonance reflecting the design.


  • Aliens - Starseed
  • UFO - Starseed
  • Musgrooms - Magic Mushroom & Ayahuasca (Warning these are powerful! Use sparingly)
  • Whales - Anti-Anxiety
  • Amethyst Cluster - Happiness, Love, Calm
  • Cho Ku Rei  - Pineal Gland Optimistation
  • Om symbol - Pineal Gland Optimistation
  • Eye of Horus - Pineal Gland Optimistation
  • Galaxy -  Universal Consciousness formula


Each hanging wooden heart is a little different, images are representative only as the artist will be making these to order! Prices vary.


Please note, there is no additional shipping cost if you order multiple lotuses, buddies, hanging pieces, pendants or 10x10cm paintings! 

Thanks for subscribing!

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