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Feather Hanging Ornament

Feather Hanging Ornament


A beautiful clay feather ornament suspended on a white ribbon with a rose quartz crystal bead. Available in small (Clay component is ~5cm in length) or large (Clay component is ~7.5cm in length). The crystal bead is bioresonance programmed with the intention of elevating all aspects of the lives of those in its presence through use of the bioresonance program "Surrounded by Angels" - Calling in as needed:


Archangel Azreal (creamy white ray of transition)

Archangel Chamuel (pink ray of love)

Archangel Gabriel (white ray of purity)

Archangel Jophiel (yellow ray of wisdom)

Archangel Kumeka (eighth ray of purification)

Archangel Michael (blue ray of protection)

Archangel Raphael (green ray of balance)

Archangel Uriel (purple and gold ray of wisdom)

Archangel Zadkiel (violet ray of transformation)

Defending Angels

Cleansing Angels

Guardian Angels


Hang this in your office space, car, bedroom or wherever feels natural. Each ornament is a little different, images are representative only.


Please note, there is no additional shipping cost if you order multiple lotuses, buddies, pendants or 10x10cm paintings! Non-UK shoppers, note the options for expedited or economy shipping.

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