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SKU: 210401

The original piece in pearlescent acrylics incorporates shimmering holographic shards and both clear and rose quartz crystals programmed with the "Happy", "Calm" and "Love" bioresonance formulae intended to :


Happiness - Generate feelings of joy by use of programmed quartz crystals and clearing blockages caused by negativity and sadness, enhancing the atmosphere of a room and elevating the mood of all present.


Calm - Project feelings of peace and reassurance, calming those in its presence and clearing energy blockages caused by stress and nervousness.


Love - Exude an all embracing feeling of love. Reinforces love of self and love of others and transmits a universal force of love that is all encompassing.


Prints are available with or without quartz crystals programmed to the formula of the original piece, added by the artist.


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