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Creativity Journal Set

Creativity Journal Set


This set includes:

3x Creativity Journals with cover artwork from the "Connected" original painting

1x Holographic Sticker programmed with the bioresonance formula "Creative Blockages"

1x Eco Pen made from paper, modelled on our range of wands, hand decorated and with an aura quartz tip programmed with the bioresonance formula "Creative Blockages".


The Creative Blockages formula is intended to release negative thoughts to allow the flow of creativity and inspire you to write, draw or otherwise create. Journaling is a great method to release blocks, and Kerry used "The Artist's Way" book and course, resulting in her becoming inspired to paint again and to launch Ascension Art!


Each journal has 100 lined pages and is approximately A5 sized. Individual journals can be ordered separately from Amazon along with a range of other designs. Search "Kerry Mitchell Ascension Art" on

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