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Communication e-Pendant

Communication e-Pendant


Devised to develop telepathic communication, this pendant aids connection to Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Extra Terrestrial beings, Inner planetary beings and Parallel Time-line beings. Also aids with energetic interdimensional travel through creation of a protective Light Body Orb structure.


The pendant improves telepathic ability. Discernment and the ability to test the truth of information received with resonance of the truth in ones heart should be actively sought and developed in order to increase the usefulness and validity of telepathically sought knowledge.


On first wearing the pendant, a structure develops from the heart chakra, growing over half an hour to form an orb enveloping the whole body - the Light Orb Structure - whose vibration rate is sensed as being refined, and connected to everywhere and everything. Care should be taken to ensure a calm environment and to avoid jerky or sudden movements whilst the light body is developing, as it can be fragile until formed and settled. With time, this structure allows extension of consciousness to other places, times and dimensions, as you learn to create energy pathways to your desired destination.


This pendant can be worn for up to 30 minutes, whilst meditating, daily. Activation is achieved simply by intending it to be activated. Completion of the Light Body Structure may take up to 2 weeks, but it can be used from the first session in its developing state. It will continue to strengthen and to adapt to changing planetary consciousness.


Ground yourself after use and avoid driving or using machinery if dizziness or light headedness is experienced.

Can be wiped clean but not submerged in water as this will damage it.

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