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Chakra Balancing e-Pendant

Chakra Balancing e-Pendant


This pendant is used to balance the main energy chakras, including the Alta Major, as well as more subtle bodies within the energetic bio-field, such as Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Unified Body, using a balancing program synergystically combining energies derived from homeopathy, colour, astrological, gems and crystals, as well as bespoke energy formulae developed specifically for the eLybra bioresonance device.


Based on a concept similar to noise cancelling headphones, each remedy works independently and only as required, addressing unbalanced frequencies present within a person's energy field by applying sympathetic resonant frequencies only. As such, continuous use is recommended to retain energetic balance at all times. Each time the pendant is worn, activate by holding against chest with both hands, inhaling for 9 seconds, holding for 9 seconds and then exhaling for 9 seconds.


Ground yourself after use and avoid driving or using machinery if dizziness or light headedness is experienced.

Can be wiped clean but not submerged in water as this will damage it.

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