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Lemurian Portal

Lemurian Portal

SKU: 220601

This piece in acrylics on 3mm thick canvas board was channeled whilst meditating with a Lemuria quartz. It is said that Lemurian quartz stores coding within its unique striations, and that when the holder rubs the lines, information is transmitted to them.


Lemuria is said to have been a large continent in the Pacific Ocean; the first place on earth to be seeded by extra-terrestrials. The Lemurians lived in peace, until they were warned of an imminent flood that forced many of them to move underground. The floods sank Lemuria and the survivors fled to America, becoming what we now know to be native Americans.


This piece, in acrylics including mirror paint, features a clear quartz crystal programmed with the Starseed formula, intended for connection to starseed origins,  to help those in its presence to understand their mission and life purpose, improving spiritual gifts and receptivity to light language. You may experience the start of a spiritual awakening when you spend time near this painting, feeling a growing openness to universal love and closeness to celestial beings, along with improved astral travelling abilities and clearing of astral body.


Prints are available with or without quartz crystals programmed to the formula of the original piece, added by the artist.


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