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Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (S)

Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (S)


Sweet Dreams stickers address nightmares, but present a possible choking hazard; Please keep out of children's reach.


Intentions of formulae:

  • Self Healing - Clears energetic blockages to allow your body to naturally heal more effectively
  • Self Love - Encourages you to love yourself, heart chakra healing, acceptance, eliminate limiting beliefs, trauma release
  • Shadow Work - A powerful formula for intuitive use for brief periods. Brings shadow work to the fore to be addressed, elevating to your highest good
  • Shamanic Healing - Connects to shamanic guides, promotes self healing
  • Shilajit - Energetic pattern of the Himalayan plant that is mineral rich and fights inflammation, regulates blood sugars and stabilises mood
  • Soul Alignment - Aligns you with your soul purpose, helps to attract your soul mate and repairs a fragmented soul
  • Spirit Animal - Allows connection to and identifying your spirit animal guides or totems
  • Surgical Recovery - Protects against infection, promotes self healing, relieves pain and anxiety
  • Starseed - Enables connection to your star family and identification of starseed origins and mission
  • Sweet Dreams - Guards against nightmares, night terrors, nyctophobia (Fear of the dark) and negative energy as you sleep


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