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Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (M)

Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (M)


Intentions of formulae:

  • Manifestation & Gratitude - Connection to moon cycles for gratitude and manifestation purposes
  • Meditation - Helps enter a deeper meditative state
  • Mediumship - Third eye chakra healing, connection to spirit and intuition boost
  • Menopause - Addresses symptoms of menopause / perimenopause - fatigue, anxiety, emotional balance,  poor sleep, physical health issues, pain, memory, self esteem issues
  • Men's Health - Promotes prostate health, alleviates hair loss, addresses issues specific to men
  • Menstruation - Eases symptoms of painful, irregular or heavy periods and PMT / PMS
  • Migraine - Reduces pain, blurred vision, floaters and other symptoms of migraine
  • Multiple Sclerosis - Eases a wide range of symptoms associated with the condition


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