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Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (H)

Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (H)


Intentions of formulae:

  • Happiness - Boosts happiness level, blocks or reduces negative emotions
  • Happy Birds - Improves general health, addresses pain and anxiety
  • Happy Cat - Aids with separation anxiety, pain and symptoms, promotes self-healing in cats
  • Happy Dog - Aids with separation anxiety, pain and symptoms, promotes self-healing in dogs
  • Happy Plants - Sends positive energy to plants to encourage strong growth, boost nutrients and protect from diseases
  • Healing for Feet - Aids with symptoms and self healing for conditions of feet, legs and spine, returns adverse energy to the Earth
  • Healthy Eating - Reduces cravings for unhealthy foods, especially sugar. Promotes a positive attitude towards a healthier appetite and lifestyle
  • Heart Space - Heart Chakra healing and promotion of self belief
  • Ho'Oponopono - Hawaiian prayer: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
  • Horse and Pony - Relieves pain and symptoms, promotes self-healing in horses and ponies


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