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Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (D)

Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (D)


Intentions of formulae:

  • Detox - Expels negative energies from your biofield, motivates clean living
  • Diabetes - Helps manage diabetes 1, 1.5 and 2
  • Discrete Design - Any program in this discrete design, please email us at with the program you would like (Please note the extra charge for this design)
  • Divine Masculine / Feminine - Connects to the divine masculine or feminine, helps balance Yin and Yang energies 
  • Downloads - Opens you up and clears energetic blockages to spiritual upgrades and downloads
  • Dragon - Earth - Grounding, Life Purpose, Ancestors, Past Life Interferences, Root Chakra, Power
  • Dragon - Air - Astral Body Detox, Heart and Throat Chakra, Christ Consciousness, Manifestation, Power
  • Dragon - Fire - Transformation, Battle Energy Clearance, Energy Boost, Confidence, Love and Passion, Anger Management, Solar Plexus Chakra, Power, Masculine Energy
  • Dragon - Water - Intuition, Emotional Balance, Nightmares and Dreams, Clarity, Calm, Moon Energy, Feminine Energy, Sacral Chakra, Self Healing, Power
  • Dragon - Spirit - Combines all formulea of Earth, Air, Fire, Water Dragon stickers


There is no additional shipping cost for multiple stickers!

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