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Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (C)

Bioresonance Emitting Stickers (C)


Intentions of formulae:

  • Chakra Blast - Balances all 7 bodily chakras
  • Chemo Help - Addresses side effects of chemo and radiotherapy - sickness, fatigue, weakened skin hair and nails, low immune system, relieves anxiety, promotes self-healing and calls in angels
  • Choose Courage - Instills courage and confidence, enables stepping into your power, dispels fear
  • Christ Consciousness - Helps form pathways to higher consciousness states
  • Chronic Fatigue - Aids in coping with the exhaustion, low mood and associated symptoms
  • Clarity & Brain Fog - Improves concentration and alleviates bouts of confusion or memory lapse
  • Connection to Fae and Elementals - Facilitates and strengthens connection
  • Connection to Gaia - Facilitates and strengthens connection to the Earth
  • Creative Blocks - Dissolves blocks, aiding creative flow
  • Crohn's Disease - Promotes healing in stomach, bowel, liver, kidneys, mouth. Addresses fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, general inflammation, pain, anaemia and regulates appetite
  • Cutting Cords - Cuts karmic ties to people or situations no longer serving you


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